Food List

Hot Passed Hors d’oeuvres
Cold Passed Hors d’oeuvres
Stationary Hors d’oeuvres
Hot Soups
Cold Soups
Sauces For Pasta
Additional Entrees
Seafood Entree Idea
Beef, Veal Entree Ideas
Poultry, Pork Entree Ideas
Side Dishes

Hot Passed Hors d’oeuvres

  • Ahi Tuna grilled with a pepper crust served on toast points
  • Shrimp wrapped in bacon with a horseradish filling
  • Sea scallops encased in bacon with a mustard, mayonnaise sauce
  • Puff pastry filled with crabmeat, spinach and bell pepper
  • Crab cakes with Chesapeake bay sauce
  • Coconut shrimp served with a dipping sauce
  • Chicken satay with a peanut dipping sauce
  • Sesame Chicken bites, served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce
  • Mini Chicken wellington
  • Pina Colada Chicken bites.marinated in coconut milk and pineapple juice.
  • Pistachio coated chicken bites
  • Pork/chicken/ vegetable dumplings,with an Asian ginger sauce.
  • Sliced sirloin topped with caramelized onion and bleu cheese on a potato chip
  • Teriyaki beef satay
  • Sweet and sour cocktail meatballs
  • Pigs in blanket, Chorizo sausage wrapped in puff pastry
  • Lollipop lamb chops with a honey mustard and rosemary glaze
  • Stuffed Mushrooms,  your choice of: Blue Cheese and spinach topped with bacon, Spicy sausage cornbread, or crabmeat casserole or 3 cheese mix.
  • Brie and raspberry wontons
  • Brie, and mushroom, baked in a puff pastry
  • Caramelized onion tartlet
  • Mini garlic potato puffs
  • Spinach, egg and feta cheese baked on puff pastry.
  • Asparagus wrapped in puff pastry
  • Grilled artichoke hearts
  • Fried artichoke hearts with a horseradish dipping sauce
  • Zucchini puffs

Cold Passed Hors d’oeuvres

  • Poached shrimp with lemon chili
  • Poached Shrimp with cocktail sauce
  • Poached Shrimp marinated in champagne vinaigrette
  • Chilled margarita Shrimp on a skewer
  • Chilled mojito style shrimp, (rum and lime and mint) on a skewer
  • Crab salad in wonton cups
  • Tuna tartar marinated in ginger on crisp wontons w/ wasabi
  • Poached Salmon with cucumber dill sauce
  • Smoked Salmon rolled with cream cheese topped with a caper mayo
  • Smoked Salmon with capers and minced onions on toast points
  • Smoked Trout with horseradish mousse on Belgian endive spears
  • Cherry Tomatoes stuffed with a herb cream cheese filling
  • Pinwheels of fresh mozzarella, walnut pesto and prosciutto ham
  • Bruschetta, seasoned crostini, with a choice of toppings: Tomato & basil, artichoke tapenade, mushroom and goat cheese, cannellini beans and sundried tomatoes, olive tapenade or roasted peppers.
  • Beef Tenderloin on seasoned crostini with horseradish sauce
  • Black Forest Ham and fontina cheese on garlic crostini
  • Mini-Reuben sandwiches with kraut and Russian dressing on pumpernickel bread
  • Belgian endive spears filled with candied walnuts, orange, and goat cheese
  • Hummus with pita
  • Caprese salad skewers,
  • Antipasti skewers, marinated salami, olive, roasted pepper, cherry tomato,
  • Figs stuffed with Brie cheese
  • Dates stuffed with almonds
  • Olives: marinated or stuffed
  • Assorted canapés :Olive tapenade, artichoke tapenade, salmon mousse
  • Sliced Anjou pears topped with blue cheese, walnuts and honey
  • Prosciutto melon bites

Stationary Hors d’oeuvres

  • Crudités display -broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, celery, asparagus, served with two dips
  • Cheese display- aged white Cheddar, Brie, Swiss, and smoked Gouda, garnished with fresh or dried fruit and crackers
  • ADD baked Brie Cheese to cheese display
  • Antipasto – an assortment of Italian meats and cheeses, with marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, olives, and assorted bread and crackers
  • Fruit display- Pineapple, Melons, Grapes, Strawberries, And other seasonal fruits
  • Raw Seafood display- A variety of seasonal seafood including Shrimp cocktail, Clams on the half shell, Oysters, and Crab claws displayed with lemons, cocktail sauce, saffron-mint mayonnaise and a mustard, mayonnaise horseradish sauce
  • Smoked seafood display – Smoked Salmon, pepper Smoked Bluefish, Hot Smoked Tuna, Smoked Rainbow Brook Trout, Pepper Mackerel and Smoked Bay Scallops. Traditionally garnished with lemons, capers, minced onion, assorted toasts, and herbed cream cheese
  • Caviar bar – A variety of domestic And imported Caviar served with chopped boiled egg, minced onions, capers, herbed cheese spread, and assorted toasts and crackers
  • Whole poached Salmon with cucumber scales displayed on a mirror sea of aspic accompanied by a cucumber dill sauce

Hot Soups

  • Wild Mushroom bisque
  • Hearty beef Barley soup
  • Manhattan-style Seafood chowder
  • Cream of Broccoli soup
  • Squash Apple bisque – made with butternut squash
  • Tomato dill soup with garden fresh vegetables
  • Chicken Corn chowder
  • New England clam chowder

Cold Soups

  • Gazpacho Soup made with fresh tomatoes, red peppers, and cucumbers
  • Strawberry Soup made with fresh strawberries, wine, cream and basil
  • Cantaloupe Soup made with fresh cantaloupe, cream and ice cream
  • Blueberry Soup made with fresh blueberries, white wine, and cream
  • Peach Soup made with fresh peaches, sherry, and sour cream


  • Romaine, topped with sundried cranberries and bleu cheese with an orange-raspberry vinaigrette
  • Romaine, parmesan cheese tossed with a creamy Caesar dressing, topped with homemade croutons.
  • Spinach, tossed with crimini mushrooms, chopped bacon and warm apple cider bacon dressing
  • A variety of Greens garnished with Mandarin oranges and toasted almonds, with orange and scallion vinaigrette.
  • A variety of Greens garnished with cherry tomatoes, croutons, cucumbers, carrots and purple cabbage, choice of dressing.
  • Spinach mixed with toasted almonds, caramelized onions, with strawberries, goat cheese tossed in a Strawberry balsamic vinaigrette
  • Chicken Salad, mixed with grapes and vegetables
  • Chicken salad mixed with granny smith apples, toasted pecans and sundried cranberries.
  • Pasta salad, penne pasta and fresh vegetables tossed in a vinaigrette dressing
  • Asian Pasta salad, penne pasta with asparagus, cucumbers and carrots tossed with a peanut, sesame and sweet soy dressing
  • Green Bean Salad with mushrooms, black olives, red peppers and purple onions tossed in a roasted garlic vinaigrette dressing and Feta Cheese
  • Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella drizzled with a basil infused olive oil
  • Margarita shrimp salad with Tequila, avocado, mandarin oranges with a creamy lime chili dressing
  • Greek Orzo Salad, orzo pasta, feta cheese, green onion, tomato and black olives tossed in citrus vinaigrette.
  • Black bean and corn salad, dressed in fresh lime juice and herbs


  • Penne
  • Tortellini
  • Fettuccini
  • Farfalle (Bowties)

Sauces For Pasta

  • Alfredo
  • Tomato basil
  • Tomato meat sauce
  • Roasted garlic tomato sauce
  • Sicilian lamb Sauce
  • Vodka sauce
  • Pesto
  • Rosa
  • Walnut pesto cream
  • Gorgonzola
  • White wine boursin cream sauce

Additional Entrees

  • Eggplant napoleon, eggplant layered with Portobello mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and basil topped with a tomato basil sauce
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Wild Mushroom spinach lasagna, layers of mushroom, spinach and gruyere cheese served with a tomato basil sauce
  • Cheese lasagna
  • Stuffed shells
  • Baked ziti, with a tomato basil meat sauce

Seafood Entree Idea

  • Whole poached salmon with cucumber scales displayed on a mirror sea of aspic accompanied by a cucumber dill sauce
  • Jumbo Lump Crab cakes served with Creole remoulade
  • Salmon stuffed with apples, topped with an oatmeal crust, baked and finished with a horseradish cream sauce
  • Salmon oven roasted with a basil-mustard sauce and tomato
  • Tuna, Salmon or Swordfish steaks marinated in soy, citrus and parsley
  • Shrimp Scampi: Shrimp sautéed with spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes and red onion in a garlic butter sauce
  • Grilled Ahi Tuna with a strawberry-ginger salsa
  • Shrimp, Bay Scallops and Monkfish in sherry cream sauce with mushrooms and green and red pepper (Newburg style)

Beef, Veal Entree Ideas

    • Whole roasted Sirloin of Beef carved on the buffet with a sour cream and horseradish sauce
    • Whole roasted Tenderloin of Beef (chilled or hot)
    • (Recommended with a Mushroom Demi-Glace when served hot)
    • Whole roasted Tenderloin of Beef stuffed with apple, black bread, Sausage, Madeira Wine.
    • Prime Rib of Beef

Poultry, Pork Entree Ideas

  • Boneless Chicken breast roasted with almonds and a lemon, white wine and Dijon mustard butter
  • Boneless Breast of Chicken stir fried with broccoli, red peppers and onions in an orange garlic sauce
  • Boneless Breast of Chicken grilled, and served with a pineapple, mango, salsa
  • Boneless Breast of Chicken, stuffed with spinach and mushrooms and wrapped with Bacon, topped with boursin cream
  • Boneless Breast of Chicken encrusted with sundried cranberries and pecans with an orange buerre blanc
  • Chicken breast roulade with artichokes asparagus and sun-dried tomato served with a boursin cream sauce
  • Boneless Chicken Breasts on a bed of sautéed spinach and diced tomato, finished with fresh mozzarella and topped with a garlic and herb essence
  • Parmesan crusted Chicken with a roasted red pepper sauce
  • Boneless Chicken Breast encrusted with hazelnuts and served with boursin cream
  • Boneless Breast of Chicken encrusted with Pistachio nuts, finished with an orange tarragon beurre blanc
  • Boneless Breast of Chicken stuffed with grapes, onions, and thyme with an orange, soy and ginger sauce
  • Boneless Chicken with mushroom in a red wine sauce
  • Chicken parmesan
  • Boneless chicken stuffed with Brie and cranberries.
  • Boneless Chicken stuffed with prosciutto and provolone
  • Pineapple chicken, boneless chicken baked with pineapple and brown sugar
  • Chicken Francaise, in lemon white wine and capers.
  • Whole roasted Turkey Breast with a honey, mustard and rosemary glaze
  • Roasted Tenderloin of Pork with a spicy sausage and cornbread filling served with an applejack glaze
  • Grilled Tenderloin of Pork, marinated in honey, Dijon mustard and thyme, with a peach demi glace
  • Whole roasted Ham with a honey, mustard and rosemary glaze
  • Stuffed Pork Loin – Boneless pork loin stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, wrapped in bacon and oven roasted, served with a tomato cream sauce, or stuffed with apples and raisins served with an apple chutney

Side Dishes

  • Classic potato salad
  • A gratin potatoes
  • Scallop Potatoes
  • Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
  • Oven roasted potatoes with a parmesan garlic crust
  • Oven roasted rosemary Potatoes
  • Potato pancakes with sour cream
  • Spiced bourbon mashed sweet potatoes
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Fresh seasonal vegetables stir fried
  • Fresh Steamed Broccoli and Carrots
  • Poached asparagus with cherry tomatoes marinated in a vinaigrette
  • Seasonal vegetables steamed in a seasoned broth
  • Poached asparagus in a lemon, olive oil and parsley
  • Roasted seasonal vegetables
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Brandied carrots
  • Orange ginger spiced carrots
  • Sautéed green beans with toasted almonds
  • Broccoli Rabe


  • New England pudding, apples, pineapples, walnuts and baked with a cake crust
  • Cranberry cobbler
  • A variety of cheesecakes
  • Key lime pie
  • Kiwi crepes filled with a kiwi pastry cream
  • Killer cake- a rich chocolate fudge cake
  • Carrot Cake with a nougat walnut center
  • Triple layer chocolate ganache cake with raspberry coulis
  • Fruit and fondue. Seasonal fruit with our homemade chocolate fondue sauce
  • Strawberries with Romanoff sauce
  • Make-your-own-sundae bar
  • Flambé station